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    Lip Synching Head Talking Videos At 4K using Wav2lip and Vqgan

    Hello everyone, in this article I wanted to talk about a paper that is a follow-up of Wav2Lip:: Towards Generating Ultra-High Resolution Talking-Face Videos with Lipsynchronization. This paper makes an improvement of the Wav2Lip model so that it is able to generate lip-synching videos at 4K resolutions. And how does it manage to achieve that? […]

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  • Tensorflow

    How to resize an image with Tensorflow tf.image.resize()

    When dealing with training data, you often need to resize images to a fixed size, according to the architecture of the machine learning model that you want to use. In Tensorflow we can use tf.image.resize() to resize images to different resolutions. The method controls the different algorithms that we can use for resizing. You can […]

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    What is nn.Conv2d for in Pytorch?

    nn.Conv2d is a class in the PyTorch deep learning framework that represents a 2-dimensional convolutional layer. Convolutional layers are a fundamental building block in Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs), which are widely used for image processing, computer vision, and other tasks involving grid-like input data. The nn.Conv2d class is part of the torch.nn module, which provides […]

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