How to deploy a highly available WordPress website with Google Cloud and Gitlab CI/CD

In this series, I am going to show you how you can deploy WordPress on the Google Cloud Platform running on Google Kubernetes Engine, from start to finish, without missing a beat, using Gitlab CI. I am releasing each episode, one by one, so I will be updating this page frequently with new videos and companion articles as they get released. If you follow them in order you will be able to implement a highly available solution to develop for WordPress in your local machine, development environment in GCP all the way to production.

I will be using some very cool features in Gitlab CI like dynamic environment provisioning, Kubernetes integration with GCP, monitoring and logging integration with Kubernetes, etc.
To achieve the high availability we will be using Cloud SQL and Google Cloud Storage. Everyone knows how hard it is to make a WordPress website scale, so you can’t miss this series!

Part I – How to create a cluster in Google Kubernetes Engine and how to link it to Gitlab

Part II – Configuring Gitlab CI Pipeline(gitlab-ci.yml) and build container

Part III – Setting up the local development environment – How to install Minikube and Kubectl

Part IV – Setting up the local development environment – Creating Kubermetes deployment YAML for WordPress and Mysql

Part V – Deploying WordPress to GKE with Gitlab CI and Skaffold