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  • GraphQL and Flutter step by step guide

    GraphQL and Flutter step by step guide

    GraphQL: get exactly what you need and nothing more Let’s look at two scenarios: getUser API returns a bunch of irrelevant data where you just need an email address You must retrieve 4–5 APIs to build a screen This is where GraphQL can be useful, in this article, I will demo how to create a GraphQL […]

  • Flutter Image classification using TensorFlow in 4 steps

    Flutter Image classification using TensorFlow in 4 steps

    Google provides a few products within the TensorFlow family: TensorFlow: the core open course library that is the foundation of developing and training machine learning models. TensorFlow.js: similar to TensorFlow but focus purely on JavaScript TensorFlow Lite: as the name suggests, it is a lightweight version of TensorFlow for deploying models on mobile devices. It […]

  • Flutter WebApp with GCP #1

    This is a series of Google Cloud Platform study notes: Domain, SSL, and Google Site (#1) Host Flutter WebApp using Google AppEngine (#2) Deploy Flutter WebApp using Google Cloud Run (#3) Host Flutter WebApp using Google Compute Engine (#4) I am going to use various tools from GCP and some might be overkill for a […]

  • Flutter — simple GridView with flashcard game

    Here we are building a simple GridView and make it like a flashcard game. Functions I will talk thourgh includes: Loading a local json and parse it into data model Map the data model into grid-view with click events / animations Audio function to play short clip Share function to upload and share String Some […]

  • Flutter — Set up and build a simple ListView

    Flutter: the cross-platform tool to build native iOS and Android apps I have recently started to learn Flutter, I am still at the very beginning exploring it. This article is my learning notes to show you how to build a simple ListView from scratch. Step 1: Install the SDK on macOS Not surprising that the […]