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  • Organize Gradle files with multi-module project

    I have found a better way to organize Gradle files, it is useful for multi-module projects, where dependencies are duplicated. So instead of using a long list of implementations, we can group them into an array and import it as functions, here are the steps: Step 1: Create a dependency.gradle file in your project level folder, […]

  • Google’s ML Kit: Text recognition with sample app of receipts reading

    Google has published a few AI kit and one of them is text recogition, which I decided to try it out using a sample Android app to read receipts. The target is to be able to recognise: total, VAT and type. Full code can be found here. Step 1: Groundworks First of all, we need […]

  • Google’s ML kit: Image recognition in Kotlin

    Google’s ML kit is the new firebase SDK that provides machine learning power to Android and iOS apps. The tool set includes: label image, text recognition, face detection, landmark recognition, barcode scanning and smart reply (coming soon at the time of writing). In this tutorial, I will show you how to set up the image […]