What’s new in ATG 11.2

Today, at Oracle Open World 2015 Ian Davis, Senior Director at product management for Oracle Commerce provided a summarised description on what is inside the new version of Oracle Commerce 11.2:

1. Time based pricing –  future pricing
2. Promotions with support for fractional unit of measures
3. Marketing cloud integration(responsys)
4. Dynamic Item Types
5. Projects for experience manager and many improvements in the UI
6. Direct sql for incremental deployments(finally!)
7. Extension to multisite: support for physical stores, resellers, etc. 
8. Endeca reports now part Of Oracle BI. Do you have to pay for those now?
9. New accelerator which doesn’t make use of JSPs! Instead it uses knockoutjs. There is a clear separation from front end and I backend. I will be sure to check this feature out.
10. The flex interface in the BCC is still there.

11. Java 8 support, for those who love functional programming, this is great!

Finally the roadmap(not necessarily for the next release)

1. Enhanced restful api level 3
2. Next version will be 11.x, no 12 version yet!
3. Flex will disappear
4. Oracle recently bought Maximiser which is very good with a/b testing. This will be integrated to the Oracle Commerce Platform.
5. Another big improvement in Endeca, to come, is to allow multiple languages in a single index without losing features.

The Oracle CX commerce for the Cloud is also out. This is a completely rewritten e-commerce solution for the cloud only. I have seen a demo of this product and its simplicity to use is one of the best features. Also it is highly customisable however not to the same degree as the Oracle Commerce platform on premises.

It will appeal to those retailers who don’t need a complex e-commerce solution and who are looking to get very quickly into the market.